About Us

We began serving local farmers and gardeners in 1940 when Lewis L. Akins opened Akins Feed & Seed on Market Street in Barnesville Georgia. Three of his five children, Harold, Lamar and Ralph, joined the business in 1946 and opened additional branches in Griffin and Thomaston in the following years.  Today, we have three locations:

Akins Farm & Home
659 Veterans Parkway
Barnesville, Georgia


 Akins Feed & Seed
 748 Everee Inn Road
Griffin, Georgia


As always, the Akins Feed & Seed family will continue to serve to large-scale and small-scale customers at both locations in such ways as:

  • Hand packaged and bulk seed
  • A wide selection of pet and livestock feed including Purina, Godfrey’s, Seminole, and Southern States feeds
  • Bagged and custom-blended bulk fertilizer
  • Lawn care supplies and expertise
  • Electrical and traditional fencing
  • Organic farming supplies and guidance
  • Pet food and pet care necessities
  • Livestock health supplies, dewormers and vaccines
  • Pest and weed control
  • Spreading/spraying of fertilizers and pest/weed control for large areas
  • Pecan cracking and shaking
  • Snapper Mowers and service
  • Stihl Equipment and service
  • Expert guidance for livestock, farming, gardening, and pet needs

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