Our Services

Akins specializes in custom blended bulk fertilizers and spreading. We have professional consultants who can help you with the best and  most economical  methods of fertilizing to obtain the most out of your pastures, fields, lawns and gardens.

Akins also carries premium bag homogeneous fertilizers by Tri-State that are a step above most competitors. Homogeneous means that each pellet contains a chemical combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, plus secondary and trace elements. With homogeneous pellets, there is no chance of separation. Each pellet contains all plant foods. This is important in order to have even distribution, a balanced diet, growth, maturity and top yeilds. It means that a plant root needs only come in contact with one pellet to receive a balanced diet.

Akins is an authorized Servicing Stihl Dealer. Click this link to connect with our Stihl website.