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  • Brown's® Natural Timothy Hay Bale for Small Animals

    Manufacturer: F.M. Brown's Model: 44227

    Open the bag and smell the sweet aroma of Brown’s® western-cut timothy hay. This clean, natural scent is your assurance of top quality and freshness, captured straight from the timothy hay fields and harvested at the peak of maturity. 1.875 lbs.

  • Llama/Alpaca Ration 16% Pelleted Feed

    Manufacturer: Southern States Model: 55624011

    Southern States 16% Llama/Alpaca Ration is a complete pelleted feed for mature, growing, pregnant and lactating llamas and alpacas. It contains all the the required nutrients to maximize health, reproduction, growth, lactation and fiber quality. It is formulated with higher levels of protein and fiber and has a higher recommended feeding rate that other available camelid feeds because it is designed to be utilized in feeding programs with warm season forages in the southeastern United States.