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  • Lil' Strike Fish Feed

    Manufacturer: Southern States Model: 58631066

    For a healthier pond and bigger fish, we recommend using Southern States Lil' Strike Fish Food for supplemental feeding. Southern States Lil' Strike is a 36% protein floating fish food which has been formulated specifically for warm water species such as: Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Sunfish and Catfish.

  • Big Strike® Floating Fish Food

    Manufacturer: Southern States Model: 58220066

    Southern States Big Strike® Fish Food is a complete diet for growing warmwater pond fish over 6in length. The floating formula allows food to be available for longer periods of time to ensure all fish have the opportunity to eat. The 3/16in pellet size is ideal for larger fish and contains fish meals and oils to attract fish and encourage consumption. 40 lb. Please contact the store for pricing.