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Southern States 16% POWERSTROKE with (BVT) Medicated 50lb

SKU: 57226211 UPC: 756637280826 Manufacturer: Southern States

Southern States 16% POWERSTROKE with (BVT) Medicated is a complete feed for growing beef cattle and dairy replacement heifers on pasture. Its medicated, advanced formula contains Bovatec for increased rate of weight gain. Please contact the store for pricing.

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POWERSTROKE feed is designed to optimize the health, growth and weight gain by providing a high protein, easily digested ration ideal for your herd. This pelleted ration is designed for creep feeding calves and to support the body conditioning score of growing beef or dairy replacement heifers. Its 16% crude protein content assists in maintaining adequate structural growth when corn silage and lower quality forages tend to be low in protein. The mixture of all natural protein and non-protein nitrogen (NPN) in 16% POWERSTROKE optimizes digestion and subsequent animal growth. Select the Southern States POWERSTROKE feed that best fits your on-farm needs, also available in a non-medicated formula.