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Rackmaster® Deluxe Spring/Summer Deer Mixture

Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

Rackmaster® spring mixtures are truly the answer to anyone's spring and summer planting program. Deer need a good high quality food source in the spring and summer months. Rackmaster® will provide the fuel to develop antlers , body size, milk for developing fawns and overall health for the entire deer herd.

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Soybeans, iron clay cowpeas, buckwheat, sunflower, and sorghum make up the perfect mixture of seed ingredients to create an ideal food source and excellent cover for deer, turkey, dove and quail. High in protein and extremely palatable, Rackmaster® summer plots provide deer with proper nutrition throughout the spring and summer months. It is also an ideal plot for late summer planting providing rapid growth and quickly established plots for early season hunting before frost.